The Key to a Great Christening? Keeping Your Child Happy!

Just because it’s a special day doesn’t mean it’s easy to keep the little ones entertained. Indeed; it may be quite some time into adulthood before they realize that their christening was, indeed, a very special moment in their young lives. But your problem is in the present, while they’re still young, and the day’s activities can seem to drag on from the viewpoint of a cranky or rambunctious child. Continue reading

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Christening Essentials: Must-Haves for the Special Moment

Your baby’s christening is a special day that comes but once a lifetime, so you want to make sure that it is one filled with memories and moments to last. While there aren’t a lot of things you need to make the day a memorable one, there are some christening essentials you don’t want to forget. Continue reading

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Accessorizing Your Child’s Christening Outfit

Baptism, or christening, is one of the most important events in a person’s faith journey, and is for this reason one of the most celebrated customs among Christian families. The welcoming of a new member into the church is one of the most profound experiences that takes place, which is why like all major life events, is one that is celebrated with solemnity and taste. Because of this, parents often take the time to beautify the event as much as possible. Here are some things to consider when thinking about when christening is being celebrated to make sure your little one is comfortable and happy throughout the service.

Christening Outfits

In olden times, babies were often baptized through partial or full immersion with no clothes, so the only christening outfits they really had were swaddling clothes, which eventually developed into the christening blankets we have today. Depending on your particular faith tradition, this may or may not have been done, so it’s important to ask in advance. For those faith communities which use different rules (such as sprinkling or pouring using a baptismal shell) it’s often appropriate for the child to be dressed in christening outfits, which are often modeled on the older custom of baptismal robes. Depending on your church’s own traditions, these outfits are often accessorized and in some cases can include bonnets for little girls. While a large number of christening outfits are a variant of white, there are also some that come in different colors as well.

There are a number of baptismal shells available if that is what your faith tradition recommends, which can then be kept as a memento of your child’s reception into the Christian community.

The Christening Blanket: What Keeps the Baby Warm

The christening blanket, as mentioned before, is more common in faith traditions where the baby is placed in a font and at least partially submerged. After the baby’s baptism (and occasional anointing with oil) he or she is usually wrapped in the christening blanket to make sure the baby stays warm after being placed in the font. The christening blanket can often be ornate, but the main concern should of course be that baby is comfortable during the celebration of the sacrament, so the material is just as important as the style of the blanket.

The Baptismal Cross: Things That Last

In many churches, the baptismal cross is used as a tradition and given to the child to wear for the rest of their lives. Often parents will keep the baptismal cross and use another cross for dress. In some churches, this is not recommended, and younger children often have the cross pinned to their clothes until they are old enough to wear it around their neck or keep it in their pockets. Again, this is best determined by the church where you plan to hold the baptism. There are so many different styles of crosses available, but it is best to remember that a baptism is forever, and it is almost always a once-in-a-lifetime event. Choosing the right cross, like every accessory for baptism, should be chosen with memories that last forever in mind.

Unlike other moments and milestones, your child’s christening ceremony is truly a once in a lifetime event. Make sure your son or daughter is dressed to fit the importance of this delicate day by shopping for a heirloom christening gown from The Christian Baby. Carrying christening gowns and suits from some of the finest designers across the globe, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your son or daughter’s special day. Shop our collection today, and discover just how much your child’s christening outfit can mean to you for years to come.

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Inside the Designing of Heirloom Christening Gowns

Baptism gowns for girls have a long history, dating back to the early seventeenth century, where babies were placed in a baptismal robe. These robes then became a gown, which explains why christening outfits for boys as infants, are also christening gowns. Prior to this in the sixteenth century, it was common practice to use what was known as a swaddling band. For those that were well to do, these clothes would be made of white silk and were embellished with fine lace. Some of the most ornate christening gowns were trimmed in fine gold and silver ornate embroidery. If the family was poor, the cloth, which was white, would be made of the best fabric the family could afford, normally cotton. For the wealthy, as these gowns were quite extravagant, it naturally became a family tradition to pass the gowns down through the generations. Continue reading

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Simple Tips for Storing a Christening Gown

Christening suits and gowns are wonderful family keepsakes that can be handed down from one generation to the next. If treated gently and cared for properly, these treasured items can be preserved for many years to come. Here are just a few tips to help you keep your son or daughter’s christening outfit in excellent condition in the days leading up to the ceremony and for years to follow. Continue reading

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4 Things to Remember When Planning an Outdoor Christening Reception

If you choose to christen your baby or young child during the glorious months of summer, you might choose to host an outdoor reception immediately following the ceremony! Planning an outdoor celebration is a great way to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime occasion, as long as you’re properly prepared. Read along as we explore just what you should plan for when it comes to your outdoor reception. Continue reading

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Meaningful & Creative Ways to Use Your Christening Photos in the Home

The day your child is christened is a momentous occasion, and you will want to have photographs taken in order to mark the event. Such photos are apt to become keepsakes that you will cherish throughout your lifetime – and your child will also likely keep and treasure them just the same. If you want to make your child’s christening photos even more special, you might consider the following tips. Continue reading

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Choosing the Right Christening Outfit for Your Son or Daughter

Christening outfits are so special. For centuries, babies have been christened in elaborate gowns. This early dedication to God is an important ceremony for families, and many believe it affects the child for the rest of his or her life. To make the day special, parents take extra time and effort to choose the right gown for their child’s christening. Below are a few tips to help in selecting the right gown. Continue reading

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How Do I Measure My Child for a Christening Gown or Suit?

Measuring Guide for BabyYou have finally decided which silk christening gown is perfect for your baby girl or goddaughter and now you need to select the appropriate size. Get a current weight for your baby, then measure around her chest (under the armpits), and calculate her age at the event. If it is more than a month away, add about 1-2 pounds for every month away the event is in the future. Armed with these 3 pieces of information, choosing a well fitting gown is a cinch.

Ready to select a baptism suit for your baby boy? Time to select the right size. Lay your precious boy down on his back. Measure from his adam’s apple (tiny as it is) right down to where the snaps of his onesie are located. This will give you a torso length. Get a current weight, and calculate his age at the event. If it is more than a month away, add about 1-2 pounds for every month away the event is in the future. Choose a suit based on his estimated weight and age, and then make sure the torso has about 1 inch of room.

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Wanted – High Quality, Designer, Handmade Christening Apparel!

There are so many choices out there for christening gowns…all the gowns and suits on the racks of “high end” department stores are made overseas, for pennies, using low quality materials and poor tailoring.  What happened to the beautiful heirloom gowns of years ago, made of silk, and trimmed with lace, and beautiful to behold?  There are only a few people left who know how to sew with that quality and vision, and you are lucky if you have a relative who can make you one.

Look no further–we have scoured the country finding seamstresses and designers who still know how to make gorgeous baby couture–using only the finest imported laces and silks, and creating one of a kind pieces for your baby, for a reasonable prices.  We support our American designers, and are proud to offer their designs atThe Christian Baby!

Help suppoprt a small, American owned and operated, family run business.

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